The Executor's Family Gallery

This is General Edmund Duke reporting. It seems that you have stumbled upon the Executor's Family Pictures. Now I'm not gonna tell you who all these people are, but the subtitles should provide you with more than enough help. Now, if you click here, me and the Alpha Squardron boys, will provide escort over to Jimmy's Page. On his page, you'll find pictures of the Executor and his friends. You'll probably want to know how to get out of here. I've included some of Lt. Kerrigan's Psi-Emmiters at the bottom of the page. Good Luck Magistrate, and be careful. Duke out.

The Greek Mafia

Uncle Mike Petrakis and Daughter Stella 1949

Cousin Stella and Cousin Mark Petrakis 1950?

Lt. Col and Mrs. Petrakis 1948

Uncle Mike and Carmencita 1998

Cousin Lawrence, Cousin Stella and Ginger 1999

The Petrakis Elders 1935

Cousin Stella and Cousin Ginger Petrakis 1999

Ginger Petrakis (1986 - 2000)

Daisy Pawson (1999-)

Gramdmother Pawson 2001

Grandfather Pawson 2001