The Executor's Photo Gallery

Hey There! Jim Raynor, reporting. As, Kerrigan has brought you the Executor's pictures from High School, I have the honor of bringing you the Executor's current friends from back home in San Francisco and around the world. If you want to go to Kerrigan's page, you can click on me, and I'll take you there. If you want to go back to the main menu, I've included Kerrigan's Psi-Emitters. So, Enjoy.

Becca, Joanne, Vanessa (August 2000)

Becca (15 July 2000)

Yvette (Gritz) (Fall 2000)

Jena (San Clemente 2000)

Rose, Colleen (Summer 2000)

Lawrence, Jackie, Claudia (UC Santa Barbara 2000)

Michele, Lawrence, Erin (Christmas 1999)

Shannon, Lawrence, Corey (Summer 2000)

Ema, Candice, Sephie, Haley (Albququerque 1999)