The Executor's Yearbook Page

Haven't you always wondered what the Executor looked like when he was a kid? Well, I've gone ahead and clipped some of his yearbook photos. It's amazing how quickly they grow up, isn't it? I hope that you enjoy. En Taro Adun.

Rivendell School

Stuart Hall 2nd Grade
(Sept. 1986)

Stuart Hall 3rd Grade
(Sept. 1987)

Stuart Hall 4th Grade
(Sept. 1988)

Stuart Hall 5th Grade
(Sept. 1989)

Stuart Hall 6th Grade
(Sept. 1990)

Stuart Hall 7th Grade
(Sept. 1991)

Stuart Hall 8th Grade
(April 1993)

SHCP 9th Grade
(August 1993)

SHCP 10th Grade
(August 1994)

SHCP 11th Grade
(August 1995)

SHCP 12th Grade
(August 1996)

UCSB Senior Year
(Nov. 2002)