The Executor's Star Trek Convention Pics

Greetings, Everyone. Sarah Kerrigan Here. I have the privilage and honor of bringing you the Executor's Pictures from the Star Trek Convention in Pasadena on September 29, 2002. I know you'll enjoy them.Well, I've got a world to conquer, so I'll leave you to these pictures. I know you can find the PSI Emmiters at the bottom to bring you home, Judicator. Kerrigan Out.

Mother, Lawrence, Peter at the Pasadena Center

Lawrence, Mother, Peter at Dino's Italian Inn, Pasadena, CA

Peter,Jordan,Lawrence,Mother have lunch in the Cafe.

Wil Wheaton points off stage.

Lawrence and Wil Wheaton (See The Resemblance?)

Wil Wheaton underneath the Star Trek Projection

Gates McFadden sits in with Patrick Stewart.

Patrick Stewart leans back to answer some questions.

Mother asks Patrick Stewart a question.

Mother answers her question on the stage with other Star Trek fans.

Jordan,Mom,Lawrence in front of the new car.

Jordan, Lawrence and Peter chilling by Mom's new Matrix

Mother and Son in one last car picture.