Oakland Athlethics 2004 Gallery

Toff, Andie, Lawrence, Myra, and friends welcome you.

Welcome To Breast Cancer Day 2004

It's Brest Cancer Awareness Day

God Bless The USA...

Myra and Toffy B.

The two women in Toff's life

I can see the field now!

The Entrance to the Field

Isn't it beautiful from down here?

Here are the stands...

The Survivors of Breast Cancer

Many more survivors!

The Supporters on the field

So, add in the survivors in front of the supporters

Nice Dirt...

Toff and Andie in the dugout

Hey Toff, Nice Boa

Toff and the A's Dude

The Oakland A's Dude

Go Stomper Go!

Zito #75

Strike 3, You're OUT!


Nice BBQ!

The Ribbon on the Big Screen

Welcome To The Networks Associates Coliseum

Here are the stands...

And the Doves are loose!

Leaving the Field Level

The Scoreboard... Who's Winning?

The Taste Of Cookies You Can't Resist...

The Ladies From Kansas City...

Lawrence, Andie and Cristof

Luv M A's!!

Lawrence, Andie, Toff, and friend at the Bart Station

Lawrence, Myra, Andie, and Toff

Andue, Toff, Myra, Lawrence and friends

Six Friends in the Stands...

Yummy French Fries.. Can I have some?

The Gang on August 14

Stomper with the gang...

Thanks for visiting...
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