The Executor's Trip to Albuquerque, NM 2004

Ema, Bridgette and Lawrence take a quick moment to smile for the camera.

It's Elenore and Lawrence!

Kasia wants a hug too!

"Bridgette calling Ema..Come in Ema..."

"I'm here, Bridgette"

Lawrence and Kasia

Lawrence and Alicia

It's Alicia!!!

Isn't her pendant pretty?

Hey Bridgette! Sweet Glasses!

Bear and Amethyst

... joined by Lawrence....

Bear, a friend, Krishna, and Amethyst say Hi!

Lawrence and Jordan smile

Hey Lawrence, Nice Aura...


Mono + Ema = Best Friends 4 ever!

"So Bridgette, who's Ema talking to?"

Ema and Lawrence at Albuquerque Airport

Jasmine and her friend at the Snack Shop

Seffie and Cliff Smile Big!

Shhhhhh... Don't Wake Ema!

Good Morning, Ema!

Um, Nice Tongues, Ladies...

Ema and Bridgette say Thanks For Visiting!
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