The Executor's Dictionary

Adjutant Online. Good Morning, Magistrate. At your request I've defined some useful vocabulary words, you need to know while surfing the Executor's Website. If you have any further questions, you can email the Executor. When you are finished reviewing these key terms, please use the mouse attached to your work station to select a menu item on the left. Transmission Complete.

The Automated Computer of the Terran.
The respected Elder or God of the Protoss.
The Protoss Homeworld, The most cherished aspect of Protoss life.
Arcturus Mensk
The Terran Executive Officer of the Sons Of Korhal.
Used by the Overmind to control it's minions, warriors and broods.
The Zerg Homeworld.
Similar to the government of a totalitarian state.
Dark Templar
This faction of the Protoss uses the dark Khala energies to have the ability to defeat the Zerg Overmind.
The Terran Homeworld.
En Taro
Literally translated as "Respect To..." This mostly is used as a greeting, such as "En Taro Adun," (Respect to God.)
The Commander of the Protoss Fleet and a Templar by nature.
General Edmund Duke
The Commander of Norad II and a General in Mensk's Army.
James "Jim" Raynor
The RenegadeCommander of the Terran flagship Hyperion.
As representatives of the Conclave, this group of individuals only mission is to protect the race.
Khala's Law
The written law of the Conclave.
Khala's Light
This light is what powers all the Protoss, except the Dark Templar.
The essence of the Protoss.
The Colonial Commander of the Confederate Terran
The supreme leader over all of the Zerg.
An advanced race of strong individuals who use psionic capabilites to power their forces.
Sarah Kerrigan
Started out as a Lieutenant in General Mensk's army, and then infested by the Zerg. She now maintins the title, Queen of Blades, Queen of the Zerg.
This caste of the Protoss, is responsible for the execution of the Conclave dictation, until the Templar started overcoming this caste.
The human race of the future.
Started as an exxperiment, the Zerg create their numerous broods and warriors by mutating them.